Working From Anywhere: How Do You Keep The Spirit Alive?

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Guest blog from Alicia Shepherd, Sales Director at Terra Computer

Covid has changed the working behavior of millions, with companies like Facebook and Google saying their staff can work from home forever.

Most companies have embraced working from home, either something was already in place or due to Covid, it was implemented to keep the wheels of industry turning.

On the face of it Working from Home sounds great, no commute, no more traffic jams, increased productivity; but with this has come challenges not just from a Cyber Security perspective, but from a wellness of staff perspective.

It goes without saying, as an IT manufacturer everyone went home with the latest Terra notebooks, 24“ screens and docking stations to ensure productivity. But what we couldn’t put in a box and send the team home with was the Terra family camaraderie.

That is something that is nurtured every day through face to face interactions; whether that’s a quick catch up on the stairs, at the coffee machine or on the salesfloor. The Terra family goes beyond the doors of our office, we see our most loyal Partners as part of our Terra family, and at the same time as losing face to face interactions with colleagues, we lost that interaction with our customers also.

How do you keep the spirit alive?

Collaboration & communication are the key to any professional role, and this has never been more true than working remotely during the Pandemic. We have been using Teams not just for business updates but socially. We've made it a part of our working week to have social catch ups over a cup of Tea or coffee, the hot topic for most of these calls has been “any suggestions for the next series / box set to watch on Netflix”?  The office banter has stayed alive using Teams with me being the butt of most jokes, and perhaps more importantly, used as a platform to celebrate team and individual success whether that is a new trading client, winning an order or switching on an account that has not traded.

Online training events, Partner events and our First Terra online Reseller awards back in September we have all had to adapt and change how we engage with each other and clients.

Whilst we are all eager to get back out visiting clients and attending Partner roadshows there will be a sense of trepidation and nervousness - but for me I can’t wait to see you all at the bar and toast a successful record breaking 2020 and so far a positive start to 2021, thank you to all the NG members who continue to support us.

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