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Over the past year, the Network Group (NG) HQ team have been on a journey from ‘Good to Great’. The team have been taking part in sessions to discover our values, to learn what is important to each of us as individuals and how to apply these characteristics to become a great team.

Facilitated by Chris Atkinson, a former Microsoft Vice President, the ‘Good to Great’ program is a series of practical workshops which enables organisations to discover the characteristics of a great team, and how to become one.  The program is structured around a framework that focusses on the following areas: Values & Trust; Creative Conflict; Shiny Goals; Accountability and Results.

Network Group are at an exciting time of growth and development both as a community and as a team.  David Tulip, Managing Director of Network Group & Technology To Go, considered various methodologies to take the team forward and selected the ‘Good to Great’ program as it resonated with David, requiring buy-in from the entire team and building the company values upon shared personal ones.  Through the process the team discovered that the things that are most important to them as individuals were also well aligned as a collective. The values that now represent Network Group both as a company and as a community, are as follows: Community, Competence, Creativity and Integrity.

On reflecting on the decision to invest in the business and team David said “It was not plain sailing and we ‘enjoyed’ some creative conflict, but 12-months on the growth of individuals and team combined has been phenomenal as we journey from what was already a good team very much towards a great one!”

After the success of the HQ team going through the process, NG are now introducing the program as a member benefit to the wider Group. Beginning with a keynote session at the Exhibition, Gala & Awards in October 2021 where Chris introduced the program and outlined how a team becomes engaged, enthusiastic, and loyal, all pivotal drivers of growth and health in the organisation.  Monthly, from February to July 2022, our members will be able to join live workshops with Chris who will guide them through the approach, structure and best practices which have enabled teams within Microsoft and many others to consistently deliver great results.

Chris Atkinson at the Network Group Exhibition, Gala & Awards October 2021  

As the Group grows, we’re delighted to offer out a range of additional benefits of membership. Last year we announced a new member benefit, teaming up with Wake Up With Zest, an online wellbeing hub that provides 24/7 access to a host of articles, videos, and podcasts on a variety of topics designed to improve workplace wellbeing.  The focus is around the four pillars of vitality - sleeping better, eating healthier, getting fitter and being resilient – which are fundamental to wellbeing.

In April our members will be able to take part in Mental Health Certification training, which comes off the back of our working in partnership with Andy’s Man Club at the Exhibition, Gala & Awards in October last year.

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