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London, UK. (17 January, 2023) – Network Group (NG), a member-owned community of Managed Service Providers (MSPs), IT resellers and retailers, is excited to announce its collaboration with Quickpass Cybersecurity, that provides Privileged Access Management built for MSPs.

Quickpass provides a cost-effective multi-tenant Privileged Access Management product built exclusively for MSPs. It proactively fills critical security gaps in IT infrastructure to deter threats like ransomware attacks, key logging malware, brute force, credential stuffing and password spraying attacks.  

With Quickpass, NG Members will be able to employ regularly scheduled privileged, service and local account password rotations to bolster their cybersecurity posture and that of their clients.

David Tulip, Managing Director of Network Group & Technology To Go (TTG) said:  

“With security at the forefront of everyone’s mind, particularly Managed Service Providers, Quickpass offers a solution that not only protects MSPs from social engineering attacks but also reduces time and support from the Helpdesk in resetting passwords by allowing end-users to self-serve. It’s a win-win as we are sure the partnership with Quickpass and Network Group will be!”

Jimmy Hatzell, VP of Revenue, Quickpass Security said:  

“Network Group is comprised of some of the premier MSPs in the UK and access Europe who are protecting SMEs from cyber threats. They are protecting businesses, jobs, and livelihoods. We aim to further strengthen their cybersecurity arsenal with our Privileged Access Management solutions and provide additional cyber support on their noble journey.”

Network Group members can learn more about Quickpass products and solutions at our upcoming event in Kenilworth on 24th January where the team will be joining us for an in-depth workshop session.

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