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Network Group is thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with Heimdal, a leading force in the cybersecurity technology landscape.

At Network Group, we’re dedicated to equipping our members with the tools and resources needed to thrive in today’s digital environment.It’s always exciting when we welcome a new partner into our community, and we know that our partnership with Heimdal will empower our community to deliver exceptional services and value.

If you’re yet to discover Heimdal, here’s a brief overview of the solutions they bring to the cybersecurity market.


Heimdal are leading the way in the cybersecurity technology landscape, offering the widest and only unified cybersecurity platform on the market. Established in Copenhagen in 2014, Heimdal’s suite of 10+ integrated solutions is designed to empower MSPs to deliver comprehensive, proactive security to their customers.

Heimdal brings together high-quality cybersecurity solutions, helping MSPs to elevate their services and differentiate themselves from their competitors in the market. Heimdal’s suite of cybersecurity solutions are innovative technologies designed to tackle and address evolving security threats, all managed through one single dashboard.

Unified security platform

The unified security platform allows MSPs to offer their customers a wide range of cutting-edge cybersecurity products that not only enhance protection but provide strong revenue opportunities. Heimdal covers key cybersecurity areas, including:

·      Network security

·      Endpoint security

·      Vulnerability management

·      Privileged access management

·      Emails and collaboration security

·      Threat hunting

·      Unified endpoint management

So, what are the main benefits?

Benefits to MSPs

·       Simplified management - the unified platform streamlines operations in a single dashboard, removing the complications that can come with managing multiple solutions separately.

·       Tough protection - Heimdal’s full suite of security products defends against a range of threats and stays ahead of them with advanced AI-powered threat detection and automated incident response.

·       Greater profitability - Heimdal’s unified approach creates seamless cross-selling opportunities. Each technology is designed to work cohesively within the entire stack, creating the ultimate unified protection strategy and upselling opportunities.

Heimdal’s top highlights

1.        Ultimate XDR Portfolio - Heimdal has the largest collection of XDR tools in the industry, with a suite of over 10 acclaimed solutions that set a benchmark for excellence.

2.        Simple, multi-tenant management - a unified, integrated dashboard facilitates effortless administration of all products across various attack settings for numerous clients.

3.        Innovative threat intelligence - Heimdal’s AI/ML-powered insights are supported by MITRE ATT&CK techniques and its crowd-sourced data and expert analysis provide unparalleled analytical capabilities for predicting threats.

4.        Powerful performance and reliability -the cloud native design guarantees 99.9% uptime while maintaining optimal system performance.

5.        Seamless deployment - Heimdal’s solutions are designed for instant deployment, protecting end customers quickly.

6.        Comprehensive security - robust, built-in connections among products, accounts, users, and procedures offer complete security and visibility.

7.        Microsoft 365 & Google workspace enhancements - Heimdal’s solutions enhance and extend the security ofMicrosoft 365 and Google workspace ecosystems.

8.        Managed SOC services - access to optional Managed SOC services can provide extra support and expertise.

9.        Unified integration - effortless API integration with top RMM & PSA tools elevates operational efficiency and service delivery.

Network Group community

Heimdal are a prominent player in the cybersecurity sector.Welcoming Heimdal into our valued community is an exciting step forward. The benefits to MSPs are clear: simplified management through a unified platform, robust protection against a range of threats, and increased profitability through seamless cross-selling opportunities.

Our collaboration with Heimdal demonstrates our commitment to driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and empowering our community to succeed in an ever-changing cybersecurity landscape.

Together, we are ready to make significant strides in safeguarding businesses against the evolving cyber threats of tomorrow, and welook forward to the collective success that this partnership will bring to our members and their customers.

Network Group members can discover more about how Heimdal can transform their cybersecurity offerings at our future events. To find out the details of our next event, head to our events page.

Interested in becoming a Network Group partner? Head to our partner page.

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