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N-able will be running a 2.5-hour PowerShell Bootcamp taking place on Wednesday 24th April, and it’s not one to miss. Find out all you need to know about the bootcamp and how to sign up.

Our 2024 Exhibition, Gala and Awards at Wembley is this month, and we’re excited to announce a pre-event!

N-able will be running a 2.5-hour PowerShell Bootcamp taking place on Wednesday 24th April, and it’s not one to miss. Find out all you need to know about the bootcamp and how to sign up below.

Meet N-able

N-able is a leading global software company founded in 2000. Specialising in IT management solutions, N-able serves over 25,000 IT service providers worldwide. Their comprehensive services include remote monitoring and management, data protection, and security solutions, tailored for small and mid-size enterprise customers. N-able's scalable platform offers secure infrastructure to simplify IT ecosystems, driving growth and success for IT businesses at every stage.

Delivering scalable IT service management solutions tailored for MSPs and IT service providers, N-able has garnered industry recognition and is a multi-award winning business.

Find out more about N-able.

What is PowerShell?

PowerShell, crafted by Microsoft, is a task automation solution, spanning across various platforms. It comprises a command-line shell, a scripting language, and a configuration management framework. Engineered to streamline system management, solution construction, testing, and deployment, it frequently operates within CI/CD environments.

Originally conceived for task automation and configuration management, PowerShell has grown into a robust tool serving both home users and IT administrators alike. It offers simplified operational management within corporate networks, efficiently automating tasks that would otherwise demand significant manual effort.

Find out more about PowerShell.

Who is the event for?

The 2.5-hour immersive bootcamp is an exciting opportunity for all tech enthusiasts and IT professionals, and is open to all members. You don’t need to be an automation pro to experience the benefits, members from all walks can elevate their abilities and discover the efficiency-boosting features of PowerShell.

Power up your skills

During the session, N-able will be delving in deep into PowerShell and all this industry-leading cybersecurity tool has to offer IT professionals. From mastering basic commands to crafting advanced scripts, you'll learn how to streamline tasks, automate processes, and tackle complex challenges with confidence.

We'll also explore how you can seamlessly integrate your PowerShell scripts into your RMM solutions, whether it's N-central, N-sight RMM, or any other RMM solutions. Discover how PowerShell can amplify the capabilities of your RMM solution and take your efficiency to new heights.

How do I sign up?

Are you ready to boost your knowledge of PowerShell and automation? Then it’s time to secure your slot.

Members can book onto the bootcamp through the event registration process, or if you’re already registered, contact Helen Page directly at: or call 01484 452769.

Join us on the 24th of April to power up your tech skills and learn more about automation, don’t miss this exciting opportunity!

Our 2024 Exhibition, Gala and Awards takes place at Wembley on 25th April. Find out more about our Wembley Exhibition, Gala and Awards.

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