How Does Pia aiDesk Help MSPs to Automate Successfully?

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Guest blog from NG Partner Pia

In today’s economic climate, businesses rely on technology more than ever before. From day-to-day processes to products and services, it is clear that we live in a technology-driven world. As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), you play a vital role. From supplying services and solutions to offering your expertise and IT management skills, businesses need you to take the stress of IT off their plates. However, as an MSP, you know that the more clients you take on, the more data, processes, and systems you need to manage. It is essential you have tools and resources in place to enable your team to do their job and do it well.

This is where an automation tool, like Pia’s aiDesk, can help you streamline business operations whilst saving you time, money, and resources. Automation is the process by which technology is used to complete day-to-day tasks with little to no human interaction. As an MSP, there are many aspects of your business you are either currently automating or looking to automate. Processes such as password resets, software updates/ patches, and backups are a few examples.

At Pia, our aim is to help you take the stress out of mundane tasks so that you can spend your time investing your resources in other areas of your business. For example, did you know that the average technician solves between 60-70 tickets per week? What if you were to implement an automation tool, such as Pia’s ai Desk, that significantly reduces the time your techs are working on tickets?

Every time a technician has to switch tabs or environments to look up knowledge base articles, switch solutions, find passwords, etc., it directly creates latency and impacts service delivery. Pia aiDesk integrates directly with your ticketing system to read and assess the incoming tickets you have from your customers. From here, Pia’s aiDesk will automate specific processes that resolve the issues or troubleshoot them. So, while Pia’s automation agent works through multiple tickets in real time, your techs can apply their skills to more significant, time-consuming issues, such as helping your customers, growing your MSP, and developing new skill sets.

Automation is a critical tool that will help you improve your technician’s workload and also help to minimize human error. For example, do you have set onboarding processes you follow each time you employ a new team member? Does that process need to be repeated the same way each time you do it? What if your technician stayed up late the night before onboarding a new starter, and a step is accidentally missed? Pia’s aiDesk can help drive operational efficiency through automation. By automating repetitive tasks, you can ensure that they are performed correctly each time, and your techs won’t need to waste time sweating the small stuff and can focus on the more significant tasks ahead.

Pia’s aiDesk is an AI-first approach to improving operational efficiency through process optimization. By implementing Pia, you can reduce business costs, improve client service time, and refocus your attention on revenue-generating activities. Pia will transform your service desk, giving you more hours in the day to concentrate on your business’s future. To learn more about the solution and how it can supercharge your service desk, why not reach out to a member of our team today?

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