Digital Solutions Are Empowering the Modern Workplace

Written by Andy Readman

Written by Andy Readman ()

Creating a modern workplace for the future.

The world has adapted to immeasurable change. The shift to the modern workplace has been empowered by digital solutions that empower people to perform at the highest level. However, a fully remote working environment isn’t sustainable for the long term; instead, smart MSPs are using new technology to empower productive hybrid digital workplaces, and so are their clients. Pax8 empowers businesses to optimise their existing processes.

Hot Desking Enables Collaboration

Work environments have become less rigid. Today’s modern digital workplace is about creating hotdesks and flexible workspaces where people can co-locate and collaborate, rather than sitting at a single desk for hours on end.

The quality of personal devices has reached a point where desktop PCs are becoming a thing of the past. This means that the next generation of offices will be powered by technology and management systems that link individual devices. Going forward, offices are likely to look different with more pods and fewer rows of desks.

Time to Re-Think Booking Systems

Tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams make remote meetings easy and efficient, and the modern hybrid meeting room must address the need for hybrid collaboration. Moreover, room-booking systems must facilitate meetings across different working environments. Depending on the type of meeting, business leaders may need to utilise different digital solutions to interact and different workspaces to accommodate this.

• Operational meetings that cover status updates or reporting make more sense managed remotely over video conferencing

• Tactical meetings progress execution against an agreed plan, or solve problems, and these can easily accommodate a hybrid approach

• Strategic meetings that focus on long-term goals and objectives are best held in-person, as they benefit from a shared space, away from distractions.

Zero-Trust Networks

Connectivity is crucial when it comes to creating a seamless working environment. Networks used to be locked down like fortresses thanks to impregnable on-premises security. But attitudes are changing.

If employees want to work remotely, how is security guaranteed? A zero-trust network works on the basis that every device understands the area around it is hostile and assumes that hackers are constantly attacking the business. And while this level of security is necessary, the network needs to be fast to harness the true effectiveness of smart cloud solutions.

A nimble modern workplace makes businesses more agile in the face of disaster recovery. Rather than needing backups and server restoration, employees can continue working because backups are cloud-based, not on-premises.

It’s Time to Trust Employees

The modern workplace isn’t just about technology; it’s about modern ways of managing people and running a business. It’s important to create a space where people can manage themselves. Team leaders can’t be everywhere at once, especially in a hybrid environment. Instead, it’s about giving employees the tools they need to be empowered to do their best work.

Business leaders are in danger of losing those in-person touchpoints. It’s not as easy to monitor stress levels in a remote or hybrid environment, so data should support interactions with employees rather than replace them.

In some ways, technology has disconnected teams from one another, and made individuals feel less in sync with colleagues at work. Facilitating a hybrid work environment where people can look out for one another again is taking a step in the right direction.

Harnessing the Increase in Productivity

The remote working environment has resulted in increased productivity, but at what cost? With agendas packed with meetings all day long, it can be difficult for employees to find focus time – the time they need to actually do their job. Efficiency might be up, but what’s the cost to output quality overall? People need to be fulfilled on a human level to deliver creative ideas, not churning out work in a robotic fashion.

The idea of a modern workplace starts with that mindset – that’s not just about technology, it’s about people. Digital workplace solutions simply enable this concept.

Improving the Work/Life Balance

Technology and hybrid work environments enable people to work more flexibly than ever before. Remote working has given colleagues and employers a glimpse into each other’s lives in a way that wasn’t possible before. This has led to employers understanding the commitments individuals have at home, such as looking after children.

Technology and the hybrid working environment enable people to work more flexibly than before. Good employers are supporting and embracing the needs of their employees and finding that, in turn, this is enabling them to be more productive. Aligning a business to the value of its employees means they will offer loyalty in return and act as advocates of the company.

Tech Doesn’t Make a Leader

Technology marches on, but without a strategy and vision, it will leave you behind. Technology enables people to become great leaders, but it won’t make them one. Business leaders still need to understand the human side of their business and ensure that new technology reflects the culture of the modern workplace.

Forward-thinking MSPs must leverage the full power of world-class productivity solutions to ensure that their business is optimised for effectiveness. Take your business to the next level by transforming your organisation into a modern workplace that works for everyone. Come and chat to the Pax8 experts at the Network Group event to get an insight into how Pax8 can transform your business.

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