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Guest blog written by Alicia Shepherd of Terra Computer

Recently we hosted our Terra Platinum Partners and feedback was that end clients were delaying on new infrastructure projects and hardware refresh projects – the concerns surrounding the economy are driving this hesitation but as an MSP what does this mean for you and the implications for you supporting aging hardware that is out of manufacture warranty – the customer expectation of you has not changed but the risks just got higher.

Your contract is to support your client and working with Terra we can help - we give you the opportunity to be a Terra Service Partner whereby you are responsible for your Terra devices, and you get paid for callouts you make.

You can offer a “Break Fix” contract to your clients with the peace of mind that you can extend all Terra devices warranty within days of the original warranty ending. With extended warranty available on every Terra device including onsite up to 60 months total warranty.

In the same way you manage your client’s software you can manage your Terra hardware with the peace of mind that you have full support from our Warwick Support HQ, Spares delivered in 24 hours direct to end user site.

Across the Wortmann territories we have over 3000 Service Partners offering a comprehensive Break Fix solution with the peace of mind of the backing of the €2billion Wortmann group with access to all spares that you may require to keep your clients devices working.

To become a Terra Service Partner is straightforward, no hoops to jump through, and no lengthy contracts to review and sign – sometimes simple is best.

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