July 2023

July 2023

Join us in Glasgow for our MOMENTUM event

The Summer MOMENTUM event has always been about building relationships – with opportunities to spend quality time with members and partners whilst engaging in a team challenge.

Providing unparalleled Networking and relationship building, MOMENTUM sees the resurgence of friendly rivalries and the underpinning of the open, honest and truly collaborative Partner and Member relationships that are at the heart of everything we do.


Tuesday 4th July

08:30   Operational Efficiency Peer Group (Optional Track)

12:00    Registration & Lunch

13:00    NG Welcome / Business
Includes Q&A with NG Chairman & Executive Board Members Perry Ashby, Mark Matthews and Melissa Rambridge. An opportunity to ask any questions you have about the Group and learn more.

14:00    Inspire Partner Workshops – Set 1

             Pax8: Making the most out of your Microsoft Partnership!

             Pia: Next big shift for MSPs, the future of using intelligent automation

15:00    Coffee

15:30    Inspire Partner Workshops – Set 2

             CyberQP: Just in Time: PAM & PIM Built for MSP's

             ThreatLocker: Demo, Zero Trust in Action

17:15     Drinks with the Exec

18:00   Team Activity & Dinner at Topgolf Glasgow   

Wednesday 5th July

08:30    Registration Lite

09:00    NG Business

09:35    Table Topics

Join the roundtable of your choice on a topic of interest. The roundtables will be facilitated by our Accelerate Partners and give you an opportunity to unpick subjects with peers and industry leaders. Learn from other members facing similar challenges. Sponsors will provide a summary of each roundtable discussion, highlighting key findings at the end of the session to the whole Group. We'll be discussing;

1. Staff recruitment, retention& resourcing challenges

2. Sales & Marketing

3. Practical harnessing of AI

4. Account Management

10:35    Coffee Break

11:00     KEYNOTE Speaker – Charlie McMurdie; Former Head of the Police Central e-Crime Unit for the Metropolitan Police

12:00    Breakout Sessions

Option 1:- ‘Fate or Fortune? Taking Control of Your MSP's Financial Future’ with MSP Finance:

Guided workshop providing an educational intro on:

• Where to start with building a budget (and a business plan!)

• Forecasting basics & how to avoid complexity rabbit-holes

• Bringing together a budget, review of actual and forecasting; developing a reporting rhythm

Attendees should leave with confidence of where to improve or get started with budgeting and forecasting.

Option 2:- Meg Fenney, HR Download

HR Consultants, HR Download, will share insights about staff retention and share salary comparisons for different roles, regions, business size etc and other data points they are seeing from their latest salary survey.

Option 3:- M&A in the SITS space with Robert Fiske, Prism Corporate Broking:
Robert will share findings from their recent Sate of M&A in the Software & IT Services (SITS) report including sector trends and  the impact of the current economy. He will compare recent and historical M&A volume and market indices. A great session that will provide insights as to what the future may hold for M&A across the sector.

13:00     Lunch

14:00     Member Clinics:

What’s keeping you awake at night? Are you ‘stuck’ in a particular area of your business? Is there a particular pain point or problem that you’d like some help to solve? If so, why not take the hot seat at our next event and brainstorm with your peers so you get unstuck!

How it works:
Come prepared to share a specific challenge you’re facing right now with your group
Participate in a member-only roundtable during our July event 60-minutes of no-fluff, big picture thinking, advice and ideas generated from your peers
Or simply be a fly on the wall and get inspired hearing about other people’s problems being solved in front of you.
After the session, you'll come away with fresh ideas and practical tips on some of the key pain points for MSPs, a real chance to share knowledge and get better together!

15:00 Coffee/Close


Voco Grand Central, Glasgow





July 2023

Date and Time:

Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th July 2023


12:00 pm


5:00 pm


What can I say other than yet another brilliant event. There has been no other virtual event I have been a part of that has been architected so well and FUN!

- John Fry, Channel Account Manager, Liongard


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